Error 1320 The specified path is too long

This problem occurs most commonly on Sony VAIO machines running Microsoft Vista or Windows 7. On occasion, the situation resolves itself when the software is reinstalled. Try reinstalling the software to see if the same error occurs.

If reinstalling the software does not resolve the issue, contact support by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Help page. Since each situation needs to be reviewed individually, providing us with the following information will help us resolve your issue:

  • The username (or email address) you used at the time of purchase
  • The type/model of computer you are using (i.e. Sony Vaio, Gateway, DELL, etc.)
  • Whether you are using a laptop, a notebook or a home PC
  • The operating system are you running (XP, Win 7 Pro/Ultimate)
  • Whether your processor a 32-bit or 64-bit
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